Computer Components Inside the CPU

Talking of the computer components inside the CPU, you would be completely amazed to know that almost one third of the CPU is empty. It just looks that big. So if you ask me questions like if that is the case then why don’t they make the CPUs’ smaller in size? I simply won’t have an answer to that. But to be very honest the biggest computer components inside the CPU is the mother board. Rest nothing is more than six to eight inches in size.

If you are planning to build a computer your self at home then is actually easier than you think. The computer components that you need to procure from the market are a CPU cabinet, a mother board, a Processor and a RAM based on the type of motherboard that you are using, a hard disk, an optical drive which could be either a CD or a DVD drive based upon your need. I would suggest you go for a DVD writer as that would help you working with all both CD and DVD disks. Initially floppy drives used to be an inevitable part of the CPU but these days with the usage of the USB based flash drives no one bothers about the floppy drives, and a LAN card for your internet to work. That should complete the basic requirements of a CPU to be up and running in an hour’s time. Other than the requirements of the CPU you would need a monitor, a mouse, a keyboard and some connecting cables which mostly would be provided with the stuff that you buy. visit:

Then the next step would be to refer to the manual provided with the motherboard and fix all the parts on the mother board and place them safely in the CPU. Once these computer components inside the CPU are in place then you can attach the input and output devices and you are good to go.

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