Custom Design Embroidery Digitizing Projects

Giving perfection in your embroidery designing is a piece of art. And this art can just be made possible when you select the right thread for the custom design embroidery digitizing projects.  If you are a beginner, then this blog post will stand out to be much helpful for you. Here we have some important tips about choosing the right threads for custom embroidery designing.

Select Your Thread Weight:

 Hence the thread weight in custom design embroidery digitizing is always work on being the opposite of how it sounds. The higher the range of the thread-weight number is, the finer and thinner the thread. Alternately, in the same way, the low thread-weight number means a thicker, heavier thread. Typical thread for sewing is around 50 wt, and standard form of the embroidery threads are somewhat finer, most often 40 wt., although 30 wt that is not uncommon.

Choose Your Thread Material:


This has been one of the most demanding and yet affordable machine-embroidery thread. It is much easy to find as well as being simple to use and available in hundreds of vibrant colors. It is completely made from the organic cellulose; rayon fibers have a luxurious sheen and soft touch but can fade over time too.

  • Polyester

This thread is much vibrant as well as much shiny and easy to use as well.  At the same time they are also fade- and bleach-resistant, which makes them come about being into the smart choice if you’re embroidering something that might need a lot of washing over some clothing. They are much strong for the reason that they are made from multiple filaments.

  • Cotton

This is the ultimate form of natural fiber and an age-old standby. The absolute forms of the best cotton threads are made from long-staple Egyptian cotton that is much taken to be super strong. You would probably be finding most of the cotton threads enclosed with more of a matte finish than polyester or rayon. Machine embroidery with the access of cotton thread mimics hand-embroidery by far making it excellent for quilting, red work, bean stitch, and cross-stitch designs.

  • Silk

Silk is one such thread option that has the stability of cotton and the strength of polyester but a shine that is uniquely it’s own.  It is many favorites and demanding high among the crafters who love hand and machine-embroidered applique.

Specialty Threads

They are one such form of the threads that can make the projects of custom design embroidery digitizing extraordinary. They are best for stitch painting, quilting or creating textile art. You can get them easily being available in the categories of metallic thread as well as variegated threads that are available in hundreds of color combos.



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