Does 3D Puff Embroidery Have Any Limitations?

3D embroidery or 3D Puff embroidery is categorized to be another method of embroidery that “puffs-up” or makes the design, even more, three dimensional. You nevertheless mostly find the puff embroidery being done on top of the baseball-style caps. Material clothing of the polo shirts or jackets is not much durable and strong enough to support that kind of embroidery effect. With the passage of time 3D puff embroidery is getting high in demand and popularity inside marketplaces.


The extra height that is used away to create the puff sort of effect is achieved through the use of puff foam. This foam in 3D Puff embroidery is placed upon on the item or the clothing fabric that is being embroidered. Later on, the embroidery is carried out on the top of the piece of foam giving it the “puff” effect.



Puff embroidery is an interesting and such a cool effect over the material to talk about. It generally gives a stand out effect to the whole of your cap or the shirt. But being cool and amazing with its designing, it has some sort of limitations too. There are a couple of logo designs that can be printed by using this embroidery method. Normally the best designs can be the one that is simple and easy to create. We can suggest you with the designs of Major League Baseball teams use puff embroidery on top of their caps.  This comes out to be much perfect for the reason that the caps have just an initial on them like a “B” or a “C” or a “P”.

Most of the times the simple crafted company logo designs can work as well. But make sure that the images are simple enough. We can recommend you with the selection of the letters that are large and bold capital letters.  These would not work as well if they were lower case letters.

Some of the company logo designs might not be transferred easily to the puff embroidery. This is for the reason that some of the elements that make upon the company logos can be much small to be able to get the foam underneath them during the embroidery process.  Logos with are set upon with some small text, thin lines or other small details do not work well in the category of puff embroidery.

In simple, we would say that 3D Puff embroidery is not one such thing that can be done with the thread logic use. It takes enough of your time in creating a masterpiece and can be much expensive too. It can come across to be much cost-effective to do in larger quantities.



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