Favorite Teen Rides at Disney’s Hollywood Studios

From dynamic live-action stunt shows and rides to behind-the-scenes glimpses of movie sets, Disney’s Hollywood Studios offers teens a world of entertainment. Here teens will get the chance to see their favorite TV shows, movies and characters get brought to life. They’ll also get the opportunity to feel like they’re right in the middle of Hollywood productions.

Classic Hollywood

Teens may be familiar with today’s big-budget Hollywood productions, but what about those of the past? Hollywood Studios captures the 1930s and 1940s through its neon, chrome, art deco and modern architecture. The Great Movie Ride takes you into some memorable movie scenes as you board a vehicle that takes you through 123 movie film recreations of everything from 1930s gangster hits to sci-fi classics. The Twilight Zone Tower of Terror gives teen a chance to explore the mysteries of the Hollywood Tower Hotel, as they plunge down 13 stories on an exhilarating freefall into The Twilight Zone.

Dynamic Stunts

Any teen who is fascinated by explosions, loud noises and pyrotechnics will love the stunt performances at Hollywood Studios. Lights, Motors, Action! Extreme Stunt Show is a 33-minute long thrilling attraction that reveals secrets behind complex vehicle stunts. Indiana Jones Epic Stunt Spectacular! Is a live-action show that recreates memorable scenes from the first Indiana Jones film. And the Studio Backlot Tour is a 35-minute guided walk and tram ride that shows how a number of the spectacular stunts and effects are carried out.

Inspirational Shows

There are plenty of shows like The Magic of Disney Animation that show you a glimpse of how some of your favorite cartoons, movies and TV shows are made. Other shows like Sounds Dangerous with Drew Carey offer entertainment and give you the chance to feel like you’re on the set of a live performance. The American Idol Experience will give you the chance to feel like a star. A replica of the American Idol set beckons gutsy performers to take the stage as they’re judged by the panel of audience members.

Attractions for Music Lovers

In addition to The American Idol Experience, music lovers will enjoy the Rock ‘n’ Roller Coaster Starring Aerosmith, a high-speed roller coaster that is fueled by a soundtrack recorded by Aerosmith themselves. Fantasmic! is a 25-minute firework show where classic Disney music and songs are played against a backdrop of laser lights and fireworks. High School Musical 3: Senior Year – Right Here! Right Now! is a 15-minute show inspired by the hit movie. In addition to these attractions, music lovers will be serenaded as they stroll throughout the park and wait in line for the rides. Speakers carry the sounds of film scores and popular theme songs that resonate throughout the theme park grounds.

Hollywood Strolls

Teens will find some walk-through attractions that are perfect for winding down in between the exhilarating rides. The Academy of Television Arts & Sciences Hall of Fame Plaza is an open-air fine art gallery that displays bronze busts of TV legends. The American Film Institute Showcase allows you to take a stroll through a movie memorabilia exhibit that highlights sets, costumes and props from various movies and TV shows. Journey Into Narnia: Prince Caspian gives guests a behind-the-scenes look at the making of fantasy movies.