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Taking care of silk rugs is often more challenging and time-consuming compared to taking care of rugs made from wool or synthetic fiber. The reason is the fact that silk is a kind of protein, quite like human hair, which gets damaged rather easily, compared to other fibers used for making rugs. Moreover, most silk rugs are handmade, and they require to be cleaned by hand to protect their quality.

It is recommended to position your silk rugs in areas that do not attract too much traffic or sunlight, as the sun can cause the fading of these rugs. If it’s not practical to position them in low-traffic areas, they should periodically be rotated by 180 degrees, so that they wear out evenly. Ultraviolet rays from the sun are often the reason for the fading of such rugs. Though most windows that we use these days are designed to filter these rays, light-filtering films can be installed on older window panes as well.

Despite all the precautions that you might take, you can’t entirely rule out the possibility of the rug getting stained by animal urine or by spilled fluids. Before handling such stains, it is imperative to assess if it’s a pure silk rug or a mix of wool and silk. A rug made from silk and wool is more durable and resistant to any stains. Here’s a simple test to confirm if it is made of silk only or a mixture. Loosen and take out a thread from the rug’s back, then burn it. Silk, when getting burnt, transforms to a ball and releases a characteristic smell of burnt hair. But other fibers, when burning, smell like plastic or paper, and they melt.we are in top at silk rugs south Africa¬†

The process of steam cleaning and dry cleaning must be avoided for the usual cleaning of these items, as these processes leave behind a granular residue, which causes a fade in their colors. Simply shaking the rug softly can make it free of dirt. Such rugs may also be vacuumed without any brush or rotary attachment. The abrasives used for cleaning the surface can damage silk fibers.

Persian rugs, and also expensive Indian and Chinese silk rugs, usually contain a vegetable based dye as the coloring agent, and it is quite delicate. Any part of silk rugs that remains in dark areas for prolonged periods is prone to attracting moths. Your best option for avoiding moths is to use zinc fluorosilicate or moth proofing agents.

The most appropriate ways of taking care of your silk rug and keeping it clean include the following:

  • do not expose it to direct sunlight;
  • remove any spills at the earliest and try to avoid its wear by positioning it in a low traffic area.

Before subjecting you rug to any chemicals, rinse the affected area thoroughly. If anyone offers you a silk rug and claims that it is highly resistant to stains, it is most likely a fake item, made from mercerized cotton.